About LocalNet

LocalNet's goal is to provide the industry's best value in dial-up Internet access. We define value to mean 'easy-to-use, robust, reliable Internet access delivered with professional Technical Support and Customer Service at the lowest sustainable rate per month'.


LocalNet's heritage is based on a strong foundation in technology. The company was founded in 1994 by providing telecommunications and consulting services to such companies as Sun Microsystems, Digital Equipment Corp., and Eastman Kodak Co. to establish one of the original "local, flat-rate" Internet access businesses.

Technology continues to distinguish LocalNet from other providers. Our call center, supporting both Customer Service and Technical Support functions, uses Automatic Call Distribution processing and statistical reporting to maintain caller service levels. Automated order processing and fulfillment, web-enabled signup and support features, along with network statistics allow us to monitor and maintain high services levels.

By establishing local 'Points of Presence' (PoP's), LocalNet has expanded from its Buffalo, NY roots. The company co-locates its equipment inside the local telephone company's switch room enabling them to establish remote locations and gain access to needed network components quickly, easily and at a favorable cost.

Carrier Class Equipment

We use only the most reliable equipment from the best manufacturers. Products from Cisco, 3COM, Lucent, and Liebert are used exclusively throughout our network.

Our Commitment

LocalNet will continue to invest in the best equipment and personnel available in order to provide satisfying Internet access for all of our subscribers. That means no busy signals, fast throughput times and expert Technical Support and Customer Service. We will, at all times, remember that our subscribers' support is crucial to our success.